Governance Courses

The center launched and conducted Diploma courses for 3 months on governance issues, designed for junior and mid level executives serving the government, business and industry and civil society from 2005. The Center upgraded the Diploma course to a Masters program in Governance Studies given later by Dhaka University

Executive Courses

Month-long training, retraining and refresher courses for mid-level/junior functionaries of the public services i.e. civil service cadres, government and semi-government organizations, local government bodies, corporate business and industries and civil society are also planned. Special courses will be designed for e-governance, ICT and knowledge management (CGS own initiative)

Human Rights Certificate Courses

Short-term courses for Public servants, lawyers and civil society activists involved with dispensation and protection of constitutionally guaranteed fundamental and human rights, to enhance knowledge, awareness, obligations, sense of responsibility and acquaintance with international best practices (CGS Own initiative, 2008-2009).