Roundtable on “Human Rights And Security”

06 August 2016

This seminar on Human Rights and Security: Asian Perspective was organized by the Centre for Governance Studies on August 6, 2016 at the auditorium of Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS), Dhaka. The seminar deliberated on the current human rights and security situation in Asia, explored the complex and multifaceted relationship between human rights and security especially terrorism and tried to find out the appropriate strategy and action needed to address the situation upholding human rights.


Twenty plus participants attended the seminar in presence of extensive print and electronic media especially Television. The participants included political leaders, foreign ministry officials, former ambassadors, scholars and human rights activists. Most of the speakers emphasize on lack of security due to terrorist acts which have a very real and direct impact on human rights, with devastating consequences for the enjoyment of the right to life, liberty and physical integrity of victims. The terrorism by non-state actors has recently posed unprecedented and serious challenges to human rights and the rule of law. The people seem to be on cross-fire both by the terrorist acts of motivated, misguided extremist groups along ethnic, religious and other identities, and also by counter-terrorism measures taken by the states who often take recourse to limit the rights of people disregarding legal and practical safeguards. The need for rule of law, good governance and reform of justice system was emphasized to improve human right and combat terrorism -the new menace in the current global order.