Dhaka Young Diplomats Forum

11 December 2024
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The Dhaka Young Diplomats Forum (DYDF) is a comprehensive week-long event comprising plenary sessions, workshops, and discussions involving young diplomats from across the globe. The Centre for Governance Studies in Bangladesh will host the first iteration of the forum, which will take place in Sylhet and Dhaka from December 11 to December 17, 2024. Governments and foreign ministries of nations across the world will nominate participants to join the Forum. Participants will be under the age of 35 and have served at their respective embassies and foreign missions for no more than five years.

The week-long intensive program aims to enhance the participant’s understanding of global governance, politics, climate issues, and international affairs. This event is poised to serve as a pivotal platform, facilitating meaningful interactions and the exchange of perspectives between diplomats and influential figures from diverse sectors, such as civil-military-business leaders, economists, the media, and political personalities. The primary focus of this forum lies in fostering opportunities, building networks, innovating diplomacy and mediation strategies, and ultimately establishing a community for the leaders of tomorrow. The overarching goal is to address current challenges, deliberate on harmonious solutions, and collectively contribute to shaping a more cohesive future.