Young Voices in Geopolitics

20 April 2023
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Project Name: “Young Voices in Geopolitics”

Project Partner: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), Bangladesh.

Project Timeline: April 2023 – December 2023

For the very first time, the Centre for Governance Studies (CGS), in collaboration with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), Bangladesh, has initiated a Research Fellowship program called "Young Voices in Geopolitics." This program is specifically designed for working journalists and PhD students, hailing from Bangladesh and beyond. This initiative aims to shed light on the significance of the Bay of Bengal region and the formation of Bangladesh's foreign policy through a series of publications, including 3 policy papers and 9 analytical reports across various media platforms.

In response to an open call for applications, we received an astounding 26 applicants eager to become fellows. After a meticulous selection process, three outstanding individuals have been chosen to represent Bangladesh at national and international levels. These fellows will receive funding and support to conduct research on geopolitical matters involving Bangladesh and its neighboring regions, with a special focus on the Bay of Bengal. These emerging voices in the field of geopolitics are delving into significant issues, namely Bangladesh's trade options post-LDC graduation, unconventional security threats, and the nation's diplomacy amidst the current global crisis.

Project Outcomes:

Ahasan Ahmed

1. LDC graduation and foreign direct investment 
2. Contemplating Overall Trades for Bangladesh Beyond LDC Graduation
3. Bangladesh’s LDC graduation: challenges and opportunities

Policy Paper: Navigating Foreign Trade and Economic Policies Contemplating Post-LDC Graduation of Bangladesh

Most. Farjana Sharmin

1. Bangladesh's Achievements and Limitations
2. Techno-geopolitical trends and Bangladesh
3. Harnessing Technology to Combat Climate Change in Bangladesh

Policy Paper: Tech-Geopolitics and Bangladesh's Aspiration and Reality: Unpacking Internal and External Drives and Challenges

Tarique Choyon

1. America in the eyes of Bangladeshi print media
2. China in the Eyes of Bangladeshi Print Media
3. Influences on media narratives